+ General
  Item Name
  Affected Building
  Cultural Set
  Range Bonus
  Provides Electricity
  Provides Ship Plans
  Text Search:
  + Industrial
  Extra Goods
  Fertility/Abundance Provided
  New Input
  Substitute Workforce
  Construction Cost
  Maintenance Bonus
  No. of Modules Bonus
  Productivity Bonus
  Workforce Bonus
  + Civil 1
  Attractiveness Bonus
  Bonus Happiness
  Bonus Supply
  Bonus Research Points
  Bonus Residents
  Chance of Arctic Flu
  Chance of Fire
  Chance of Illness
  Chance of Riot
  Doctors Mobilise Req-s
  + Civil 2
  Enforcement Speed
  Explosion Chance
  Extinguish Speed
  Fire Fighters
  Fire F. Mobilise Req-s
  Healing Speed
  Impact of work. conditions
  Income/Bonus Income
  Increased Visits
  Police Officers
  Police Mobilise Req-s
  Provided Needs
  Redused Consumption
  + Expedition
  Expedition Effect
  + Military
  Active Healing
  Attack Range
  Attack Speed
  Damage from Big Bertha
  Damage from Cannons
  Damage from Ships
  Damage from Torpedos
  Damage Per Shot
  Damage Slowdown
  Damage to Buildings
  Damage to Sailing Ships
  Damage to Steam Ships
  Hitpoints Bonus
  Movement Speed
  + Trade
  Cargo Slowdown
  Harbour Activity
  Loading Speed
  Share Lockdown
  Takeover Lockdown
  Trade Prices
  Will of Steel


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